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MeD's Movie Manager

MeD's Movie Manager is a simple to use, yet customizable, movie manager
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4 February 2006

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Watching movies may be one of your favorite pastimes, but when it comes to managing the ever-increasing movies collection, things may turn a bit frustrating. Even organizing your movie files manually as per various attributes like genre, release year, actors, actresses, etc, becomes a hectic affair, as you’d have to check each file’s properties before assigning them to specific folders. Nonetheless, this task can be eased by taking up the assistance of a competent movies organizer utility. In this case you might like trying out MeD`s Movie Manager 2.31, which is a good movie manager utility. The application doesn’t require installation, and hence does not occupy large space on your PC drive. It aids you in creating movies database where you can organize your movies and find the required one with instant search results. You can add or find movie info over IMDB using the program function.

Launching the executable jar file of MeD`s Movie Manager, you’d be shown a pleasing and neatly structured console. To begin organizing movies, firstly you’d require creating ‘New Database’, which can be a HSQL, MS Access, or MySQL database. Specifying the storage location and name, you can begin with adding the info of the movies in your collection as you’re provided with different relevant fields such as date, colour, title, directed by, written by, genre, rating, country, seen, language, plot, cats, certifications, and several others. Further, you can also add movie image with the information, and get DVD, File, and IMDB info relating the movie. Even, the program allows you to open, import, or export database. Your entire movies’ list is placed at left panel, and the info is presented over the right. Adding the necessary movie files into the library, if the data grows large, you can try the advanced search where you simply have to define the filters to get the results immediately.

With several other supportive tools and alterable configurations, the MeD`s Movie Manager 2.31 program proves to be a good support in carrying out movie organizing task. Owing to the incredible set of features and smoothly carried out functionality, the program has justifiably been allotted with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Add, Edit, Delete database functions
Episode functionality for series
Quick movie filter with advanced search options
List functionality
Multi-add function (Search directories for files)
Obtain AVI / OGM / MPEG and DVD (ifo) file info
Automatic download of movie info from IMDb (Proxy support)
Automatic download of episode info from (Proxy support)
Import function (3 modes - Simple text, excel and extreme movie manager database (Tested with v4.5)
Export to HTML (2 modes - full and simple)
Customizable movie additional info
Customizable database queries for statistics
Changeable layout (Look And Feels)
MeD's Movie Manager
MeD's Movie Manager
Version 2.31
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